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... the complexity of the sea, the simplicity of a raindrop
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We are a group of professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs with the passion for legal design, to improve the visual shaping of legal concepts.

One from the group:

"Prof Harry Surden of Colorado Law has been carrying on some nice law viz projects, have a look" - Serena Manzoli

Latest from the group:
"Mon code juridique (www.mcj.fr) just announced their new website where they offer free access to 69 French codex (and a premium offering where you can annotate articles, etc., etc.). As far as ‪#‎legaldesign‬ is concerned, they assigned to each codex an abstract symbol, see here : https://www.mcj.fr/codes" - Miroslav Kurdov
"Everlaw has released a new tool for visualizing legal narratives " - Rc Richards
"... students often had to read large sections of the Louisiana Civil Code that dealt with whatever subject matter we would be discussing. I became frustrated with the interfaces ... So, I created a website whose interface allowed for displaying arbitrary article ranges; I even built in a term search. I am no longer actively maintaining the project, but it can stil be found at http://code.jjdoguet.com" - Joshua Doguet
"It means that for the first time in a long while, something new will be entering the business of law, exactly what has yet to be determined but the answers are out there for the best minds to sort out. Pump is primed. Now it is not the time to look back for guidance, it's time to expose inefficiencies, to respond to changing needs. It's time to act."

We could be the minds to sort it out! ‪#‎LegalDesign‬ is a way to respond to changing needs, isn't?" - Cristina Alvino

"... this one below is the typical case in which I cringe at the use of the word "infographic". It is also why (information) design is still misunderstood and often thought of as beautification without much substantial usefulness, efficiency and effectiveness." - Stefania Passera
"Prof Harry Surden of Colorado Law has been carrying on some nice law viz projects, have a look" - Serena Manzoli
"This looks like an interesting project out of Northeastern. Thoughts? http://www.thelegalmedium.com/…/nulawlab-presentation-on-co… " - Karen Francis-McWhite

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20.01.2017 09:54johnlsheridan Well this is fascinating. Here we go round the mulberry bush. Historic or legendary Act. @johnlsheridanhttps://t.co/Z3gnKx5EPz
20.01.2017 03:27Alexandra Devendra Great @HarvardBiz article on how & why to reframe problems. https://t.co/kmorAsbX3w #designthinking https://t.co/U32WrwjJmt
19.01.2017 22:51Jon Schwabish I think Alexa (@amazonecho ) has this right. https://t.co/q4hhwOOWDZ
19.01.2017 21:09Jon Schwabish 23rd St is eerily quiet today. https://t.co/CKCEgHK1OP
19.01.2017 18:33Margaret Hagan Don't let the new administration gut Legal Aid. Call your representatives https://t.co/CUsi9k1XFH And ask them to defend the @LSCtweets
19.01.2017 18:28Winkler Institute Catch @financialpost discuss @OsgoodeNews Prof A. Hutchinson's study on how contingency fees only benefit lawyers. https://t.co/8lSCtXLv0F
19.01.2017 17:45Jon Schwabish Love this! Beautiful color gradients for designers and developers https://t.co/pBsQXXVRWN via @_ighosh / HT @LeaPica https://t.co/3DQ2nRjCmO
19.01.2017 16:35Winkler Institute Excited for Feb 10 when @OsgoodeNews hosts disability rights lawyer @LFLegal discussing #Innovation & #A2J issues a… https://t.co/lHjNh7iZvI
19.01.2017 16:00LegaLCompleX ..check out the numbers in RED 🔴 https://t.co/QWt5S2OGZ1
19.01.2017 16:00Jon Schwabish Adding this @runemadsen (FREE!!) book to my (already long) list of things to read | https://t.co/HJV39sApmo
19.01.2017 15:02johnlsheridan On eliminating paper from our thinking (and the central challenge of becoming digital) https://t.co/utmsUbdEwB by @pubstrat
18.01.2017 21:56Jon Schwabish Sorry for the bad URL, folks. New #HelpMeViz request is at https://t.co/wWInKjtTsn https://t.co/O9EYxafcjw
18.01.2017 21:43Jon Schwabish Thanks to @Corespeech for the terrific review of #BetterPresentations ! | https://t.co/P7bgH6pdEg
18.01.2017 21:35Jon Schwabish A Messy Connected Scatterplot | https://t.co/EUa57zSS0l #HelpMeViz https://t.co/xYHuMUGzIq
18.01.2017 20:57johnlsheridan Still time to apply to join us in digital at @UkNatArchives - wonderful place, role, opportunities and team. https://t.co/FbGwrqF6MW
18.01.2017 19:03Aspasia Papaloi Share message https://t.co/SMo66MyLHU #ux
18.01.2017 18:44Stefania Passera How Service, Not Tech, Is Disrupting Legal https://t.co/iSwejXPr6t cc: @inspiredcat @samglover @rightbrainlaw @JEGrant3 (re 1/4" hole)
18.01.2017 16:45Winkler Institute Congrats to our friends @CLEOLegalRights @CLEO_jmathews on the launch of Steps to Justice (https://t.co/s06LYokwwv ): https://t.co/e0ANWTMwdX
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